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Life as Doe knows it...

May 2021 has been a funny old month for Doe Catering, the world is experiencing it's new beginning and for Doe that has meant a slightly quieter diary without the masses of weekly roast dinners and three course meal deliveries (they are still available though!)

I could say the warmer weather has stopped the desire for warm soup, hearty roast beef dinners and hot sticky toffee puddings but we all know what the weather has been like and a warming traditional meal has certainly suited that!

The more likely reason, RESTAURANTS ARE OPEN! and I could not be happier.

Restaurants are filled with memories and conversations full of moments way beyond just the food we have ordered. For me they form a huge part of my social life and I have certainly missed the wine tasting, the celebrating, the buzzy noise of a busy kitchen in the background, clinking glasses and most definitely the food. Quite clearly I can cook a good meal and have made some crackers over the past few months, but nothing quite beats a Cobra and a Chicken Tikka Achari after too many poppadoms in my favourite curry house with my favourite people (and no, takeaway just isn't the same!)

So, life as Doe knows it is changing. A future of dinner parties, buffets, barbecues and weddings is in sight. We are getting back to the original plan before all this lockdown thing was a thing. And, I couldn't be happier. Cheers to that!

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